Kardinala Alojza Stepinca 2A - Trg Svetog Ante, Š.Brijeg


Luxury gradnja offers a concept of living in a comfortable and carefree environment.


Luxury gradnja was founded with the goal to be better than the rest in the residential construction business and to continue successful operations in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Its owner, the founder and until recently the majority owner of AS Kramar, brought his many years of experience to this business in order to make Luxury Gradnja a synonym for quality, durability and modern residential solutions. At the very beginning of our work, we bought a company with a large number of highly experienced architects to transfer their successful story to our projects, and to bring innovation and creativity through architectural design, static analysis of construction, executive and workshop plans, technical supervision, etc. that will set our apartments apart from others.


Our future customers will be attracted by the excellent location and price, functional apartments with carefully designed layouts, and quality design and choice of materials.

On top of that, Luxury Gradnja will give them the concept of living in a carefree and pleasant environment, something which is becoming an imperative in today’s world

Our vision is: always first and always with you. A superior investor, architect and construction contractor, as well as being superior in the world of luxury apartments rentals.

We are particularly happy to attract a larger number of buyers from the car sale industry through these projects and prove once more we are always one step ahead.


In order to achieve that, we will, of course, try to carry out as many projects as possible throughout different cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.


We are aware that fulfilling ambitious goals is only possible if we continue to treasure the brand and the name we created so we’ll continue to cherish and improve the cooperation with our existing and future buyers, business partners and clients.


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